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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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46 Forcing Mrs. Qiao

He watched Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Lian walk out of the courtyard. If they leave now, then it would be hard to reverse the situation.

Lian Li became desperate, he couldn't bother with it anymore and scurried over. "Niece, I'm completely at fault! Please be merciful and let us off! Whatever condition you have, say it!"

Lian Fang Zhou was waiting for him to say this. Once spoken, she paused and halted her footsteps. Ah Jian also stopped and leisurely stood by her side.

"Husband, what are you saying! Have you become muddle-headed!" Hearing Lian Li say this, Mrs. Qiao felt exasperated and immediately screeched.

Lian Fang Zhou gave a cold chuckle and moved her feet to leave.

"SHUT YOUR MOUTH!" Lian Li angrily roared as he glared at Mrs. Qiao. He then hurried forward to stop Lian Fang Zhou. He wanted to reach out to grab but glanced at Ah Jian by her side. He reached out his other hand and clasped his hands together. "Fang Zhou, my niece! You can't leave. You can't leave! If your cousin gains honor and rank, you'll also receive some benefits too. In future, who would dare bully you and your siblings? Isn't that right? You can't harm him in a fit of rage!"

Lian Fang Zhou looked at Mrs. Qiao briefly and then indifferently spoke to Lian Li. "The words that Uncle says, I don't deserve it. Hehe, I'm afraid I don't have the fortune to wait for that day. I'll be set up by someone before that!"

"How could that be! Who would do this kind of- matter for no reason!" Lian Li felt a bit guilty inside. He changed 'wicked matter' to 'matter' when he spoke out.

He understood why Lian Fang Zhou came.

"That's hard to say! There's all kind of people in the world! Some people are born to love creating malicious rumors and can't stand other being well off! Just like Hua Family's daughter-in-law. If I don't teach her a lesson, she won't know how stinky her mouth is!" Lian Fang Zhou casually pointed out.

Lian Li mentally rained down curses on Mrs. Qiao's head. So what if others want to raise a wild man or have a secret affair. What has it to do with you? Why pry when there's nothing to do! Now your stinky mouth stirred up trouble.

After he finished cursing Mrs. Qiao, he was secretly shocked by Lian Fang Zhou's scheme. If Lian Fang Zhou came over to fight over this matter and she'll lose if she spoke out! It's a fact that her household took in a stranger. So what Third Aunt lives there and even if nothing happened at all, once suspicion contaminated her, there's no way to plead innocence, since the more they explain, the worse it gets.

However, she didn't even mention a single word. Instead, she sent over Third Aunt to create a ruckus for some inexplicable reason. He was already sure that Third Aunt 's ruckus was Lian Fang Zhou's idea to agitate his wife to lose control. This way she grasps their weakness and forces him with no choice but to lower his head to her.

Lian Li felt chills crept over his back: so formidable at such a young age. What would it be like in few years time?

Forget about them wanting to scheme for their land. They'd be lucky if they weren't harmed by her!

For that reason, his son's future is more important! Cause if his son became an official, what does he have to afraid of?

Immediately Lian Li's face blacken. He twisted his head and bellowed at Mrs. Qiao: "Still not coming over!"
Being yelled at by her husband in front of Lain Fang Zhou, Mrs. Qiao felt humiliated. She harrumphed and grudgingly answered. "Go over to do what!"

Hearing her still not knowing her wrong and still dare to talk back, Lian Li became even more furious and his face blacken even more. He bellowed even louder. "GET OVER HERE!"

Caught off-guard, Mrs. Qiao was startled. Seeing that his face was pitch black and brimming with rage that was about to erupt, she dare not retort. Livid, she slowly walked over.

Lian Li felt pained seeing this. So when she was few steps away, he immediately grabbed him and forcibly pulled her over. He spun her to place her in front of Lian Fang Zhou and coldly ordered. "What good thing you did, so apologize to Niece!"

Mrs. Qiao stared at Lian Li with widened eyes: let her apologize?

"Hurry up!" Lian Li gave her an icy glare. He voiced in a low tone through his gritted teeth. "You want to ruin your son?"

Mrs. Qiao was very unwilling. She doesn't believe that Lian Fang Zhou and Third Aunt would go the County Academy. What kind of place is that place? They say they'll go; then they can go?

But at this moment, Lian Li's whole body was pulsing with a tyrannical vibe. It left no room for her to refute. So, she quietly stuttered. "What, what wrong have I done that I need to apologize for?"

"Quickly apologize! Stop being a windbag!" Lian Li shouted. "What your stinky mouth said, do we still need to ask?"

Mrs. Qiao froze and then immediately understand that Third Aunt's ruckus was to do with this.

She became mad and even more unwilling. She slanted her eyes to Ah Jian and was about to speak. Coincidentally, she met with Ah Jian's calm and steady gaze. For no reason, she came to a stop and dared not speak out.

"It seems like tomorrow we'll have to go to the county town!" Lian Fang Zhou coldly voiced out.

Just as Lian Fang Zhou's word came to a stop, Lian Li suddenly pushed Mrs. Qiao to her front. He coldly pressurized her. "Get out off here, if you don't apologize now!"

Did he team up with an outsider to bully her? And also want to kick her out?
Mrs. Qiao nearly exploded in a fury. But she could hear that Lian Li wasn't joking with her.
Mrs. Qiao kept on enduring with all her might. She turned to Lian Fang Zhou. "I'm sorry..."

Lian Fang Zhou coldly stared at her, "In future, if I hear any malicious rumors or gossip, I won't care about whether you're an elder or not!"

Mrs. Qiao shot dagger at her before immediately lowering her eyes. On the inside she thought: you wretched lass, when did you every respected your elders? You didn't give one penny of the ten liang to your elder as filial piety.

"There won't be any!" Lian Li immediately followed up. "None at all!"

Lian Fang Zhou gave an unimpressed smile. "Really? Then shouldn't Aunt give me a pledge? I'm still a bit worried."

Lian Li turned his head to Mrs. Qiao. "Well, hurry! Make a vow!"

Mrs. Qiao couldn't stand her husband's glare, so she disgruntledly promised. "I, I swear that from now on I won't!"

"Won't what?"

"I won't create malicious rumors!"

Lian Fan Zhou remained silent. She just stared at her.

"Are you stupid or what? Speak more clearly!" Lian Li pushed her again.

Seeing that her husband continuously put her to shame in front of other people, Mrs. Qiao was livid and mentally stressed. A burst of anger burst out, and she immediately yelled: "I, Mrs. Qiao swear that from now on if I ever create malicious rumors or gossip to frame my niece wrongly, I will be struck to death by lightning!"

Lian Li did not expect her to yell, so it made him jump.

Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian weren't startled. Instead, Lian Fang Zhou chuckled and swept a glance at her. "You better remember what you said today, Aunt. The Heaven won't be deceived. It's listening, and it remembers! Ah Jian, let's go!" "
She doesn't want to stay here any longer.
In a fit of anger, Mrs. Qiao made a ruthless vow. Initially, she thought Lian Fang Zhou would say some polite words. But instead, of gracious words, it was a loud wake-up call. At once, her temper flared up, and she stamped her feet. "Stop right there!"

Surprisingly, Lian Fang Zhou did stop. She turned around and indifferently asked, "Anything else?"

Mrs. Qiao reached ou her palm to her and with a sunken face, she demanded, "You smashed our teapot and cups and wanted to leave like this? Compensate us with two liang now!"


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