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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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49 Triggered by a pheasan

The rest immediately regain their wits. Uncle Li said, "What you're saying... is the truth? Ah Jian could do it?

Lian Fang Zhou grinned. "Uncle, let's give a try, and we'll know then, right? Making charcoal take around 7-8 days!"

"I believe Fang Zhou isn't lying. So, give it a try!" Aunt Zhang followed up.
The Li father and son looked at each other and nodded. "Alright! Let's give it a try! When the time comes, let Ah Jian tell us what we need to do. No need to act polite!"

"Rather than pushing the matter to later, we'll go to the mountain tomorrow then!" Lian Fang Zhou nodded in delight. She already found the perfect spot.

Uncle Li agreed. "If we can make it, then your family take the larger portion of the profit. We'll take the smaller part."

Aunt Zhang hurriedly agreed. "That's right! Fang Zhou ah, you also need to urge Ah Jian not to tell other!"

Lian Fang Zhou promised, "Aunt Zhang, don't worry. I'm not that muddle-headed. When the time comes, we'll split it between us in equal half. I'm afraid that most of the heavy work will rely on Uncle Li and Brother San Ge."

"It's what they're supposed to do!" Aunt Zhang persisted in declining. Lian Fang Zhou firmly maintain her stance, so she could only agree.

Seeing the situation, Mrs. Zhao secretly let out a sigh of relief. She then sent Lian Fang Zhou out with a grin and treated her more intimacy.

Mrs. Zhao doesn't know if the mushrooms could sell for a reasonable price. However, she does know that charcoal will undoubtedly sell for a reasonable price.

The next day, the two families entered the mountain together. Altogether it was seven people; Aunt Zhang, Uncle Li, Li San Ge, Mrs. Zhao, Lian Fang Zhou, Lian Ze and Ah Jian. They strapped themselves with chopping timber knife, hoe, shovel and few winnowing baskets.

Lian Fang Zhou, Ah Jian, Uncle Li and Li San Ge worked on digging out a kiln. While Aunt Zhang, Mrs. Zhao and Lian Ze were sent to chop timber.

Ah Jian explained what kind of wood they can chop. After finishing, he glanced at Lian Fang Zhou, and they secretly exchange expression. Then Ah Jian knew he said it correctly and he let Lian Ze go off.

Although wood can become charcoal, the quality depends mostly on what the wood is like, aside from the kiln and the technique used.

Must choose those with thick density hardwood like beech, oak, wild cherry tree, wild pear tree and others as the main base, as it is like tea which relies on the base which makes it how pure its essence is.

These trees turn into charcoal that burns longer, have no sparks, and less ash are leftover. And this ash doesn't fly everywhere.

If the charcoal were from less dense softwood, it would have sparks crackling and jumping out, and its ash would effortlessly fly everywhere. The burning time would also be half of the hardwood's charcoal. And some doesn't even reach half.

Under Ah Jian's explanation and occasional quick pointers from Lian Fang Zhou, the four of them finally dug a mud charcoal kiln with a chimney and fire entrance after one whole day.

The charcoal kiln split into top and bottom section. The top one holds the soon-to-be charcoal timber. The bottom is where the fire burn. Some pipes connect the top and bottom part. It needs to burn til a certain degree, and then seal kiln so tightly that no air can pass through. After 3-4 days, dig out the kiln, and the charcoal is done.

Hardwood is difficult to chop. With just one day, Aunt Zhang, her daughter-in-law and Lian Ze cut an insignificant amount. Aunt Zhang's heart aches from the fact that Lian Ze was still little. A few times she insisted that he must rest. It might be because last night her parents-in-law gave a warning to her, Mrs. Zhao did not have any objection.

But Lian Ze wasn't willing. If Aunt Zhang and Mrs. Zhao didn't take a break, then he resolute about not resting.

Seeing that the sun was about to set, they decided to return home.

Uncle Li and Li San Ge already believe in Ah Jian now because the kiln they dug out looks about right.

Anyway, they never saw it before, so it's right.

The next day, the seven of them went up the mountain to chop timber. This time there are more people, and on top of that, robust men, naturally there's no comparison with yesterday.

From time to time, Aunt Zhang and Uncle Li would call Lian siblings to take a break.

Without a doubt, it was strenuous work. Lian Fang Zhou did take several breaks. Lian Ze didn't rest much; instead, he worked slower than other.

Anyhow, Mrs. Zhao wasn't dissatisfied at all. That's because Ah Jian's speed was faster than the Li father and son. It should be said he could match the speed of her family of four. Just watching him, would make you stunned and filled with admiration.

Beside admiration, Mrs. Zhao felt extremely envious. She couldn't help quietly comment her mother-in-law. "Fang Zhou and her family are fortunate. It would be wonderful if Ah Jian were part of our family!"

Aunt Zhang didn't know whether to cry or laugh. She (Aunt) glared at her (Zhao) and admonished her with smiling eyes. "Quickly work and less thinking about what you have and don't have!"

"Oh" Mrs. Zhao breathed out. She knew it wasn't possible. She was lamenting, that's all.

Suddenly there was a sound of flapping, which startled Mrs. Zhao to cry out. Everyone looked over to see a massive pheasant with a long tail. It was frightened out of its grassy patch and flapped its wings to fly up the mountain on the other side.

"How regrettable! It'll be great if we could catch!" Mrs. Zhao regained her wits and rued as she watched the flying pheasant.

After contemplating a bit, Ah Jian picked up a stone from the ground and threw it straight at the pheasant.

Because the pheasant was flying diagonally upward, its body couldn't go fast. So with Ah Jian's move, it accurately hit it. The pheasant's tragic cried out, and it flapped its wings in a panic as it crookedly fell.

"OH MY!" Mrs. Zhao joyfully screamed and threw away the timber she chopped and rushed over to where the pheasant crashed.

Everyone else was stunned by this scene and blankly looked at Ah Jian.

Ah Jian sheepishly laughed.

"Amazing. Ah Jian, that was awesome! Even Hunter Sun can't do one hit!" Uncle Li gave Ah Jian a thumbs up.

Li San Ge grinned. "Father, you're wrong. Let's not say Hunter Sun; even the best hunter can't beat Ah Jian! Were you previously a hunter, Ah Jian?"

"Made you watch a joke!" Ah Jian just faintly smiled and did not reply to Li San Ge.

Was being amnesiac something you could randomly say to anyone? If they heard it, they would believe he's lying to them.

Uncle Li and Li San Ge were tactful people. Seeing that he wasn't willing to say, naturally, they won't forcefully make him talk. With a smile, they changed the topic and with great interest, they asked if he would give hunting a try.

When Lian Ze saw that Ah Jian have excellent skills, his two eyes nearly shot out stars. He couldn't resist asking, "Brother Jian! When we were in Mount Xian Teng, we came across lots of pheasant, wild rabbits, and others. Why didn't you make a move?"

Ah Jian swept a glance at Lian Fang Zhou and then looked at him. "None of you ask!"

"Just because of this reason!?" Lian Fang Zhou was dumbfounded. She jokingly commented, "Oh, how regrettable! We wasted a lot of good opportunities!"

At that time, everyone's mind was on the mushrooms. Who would pay attention to pheasant and wild rabbit? And also that Ah Jian, he could really anger someone to death!

Ah Jian laughed. "It's no big deal. Hmm, pheasant and rabbits, Mount Xian Teng got lots of them. In the next few days, it's easy to go hunt some!"

"Ah Jian, you're so cool! If I could also have such impressive abilities, then it'll be great." Lian Ze remarked with envy.

Ah Jian responded with a faint smile, "It's nothing. Skills come from practice. If you want to learn, I can teach you."

"Really!?" Surprised and delighted, Lian Ze's eyes shone like gems. He glanced at Lian Fang Zhou. So excited, he asked Ah Jian with uncertainty. "Is it... is it true?"

Before he wanted to learn from Hunter Sun, but he firmly remembered what his sister said. So even if he knew Ah Jian was very skilled and he long wished to learn from Ah Jian, he dare not ask.

However, when seeing Ah Jian reveal this move today, he was intensely stimulated and spoke out his desire in envy.

He never thought that Ah Jian didn't treat it like a big deal and agree.

"Of course," Ah Jian laughed and swept a glance at Lian Fang Zhou. He continued, "As long as your sister agree."


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