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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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52 Mrs. Zhao“s scheme

After a pause, she gave a slight nod. "That's right. While I'm at it, I must tell you something. You can rest at ease as you help us do work now. When the time comes for you to leave, I will prepare sufficient traveling fund for you!"

His own family? His relatives?

Hearing these words, he looked up to the sky, which was filled with numerous dotted stars, as if his memory was deep within the starry sky. But he couldn't find it no matter how much he searches.

"Actually, since I lost my memory, there hasn't been one day without thinking of this problem. But no matter how much I think, even til my head hurts, I still can't make anything out. So I already gave up thinking. When I can remember, then I will remember. It's useless to think about it anymore!" Ah Jian sighed with melancholy.

It would be a lie to say he doesn't think of his past.

Lian Fang Zhou nodded with a smile. "Thinking like is right! Take things as they come. I believe Heaven will favor the good! One day you'll remember everything!"

"Then I'll take your word for it!" Ah Jian smiled. Suddenly he frowned again and exhaled out. "Even though I can't remember anything, but when I have time to settle down, my heart feels empty and anxious, as if there's an urgent matter waiting for me to do...But no matter how much I try, I can't remember what it is. I could only feel more and more uneasy."

Lian Fang Zhou quickly comforted him. "Can't remember who you are, what's your past was like or whether you have any worried family member. Of course, you'll feel uneasy! For the time being, you don't have to worry. Wait till we go to the county town, spend some money and rely on a few out of town roadside tea shed to keep an eye out. Maybe there's a chance that one your family come here to search!"

Ah Jian's eyes lit up and ecstatically exclaimed. "Great! It's a wonderful idea. It's just that... you'll have to spend money!

Lian Fang Zhou chuckled. "You're too honest and down to earth. Just with your strength alone, we already benefit a lot from you staying at our place."

They became merrier as they chatted.

Not long later, it gradually became brighter. In the early morning in the autumn mountains, everywhere was covered in thick fog accompanied with gusts of wind. If there weren't for burning kiln, who knows how cold it can be.

Lian Ze has already woke up for a while. The three of them kept on burning as they talked, waiting for Aunt Zhang and her daughter-in-law to switch shift.

The sun gradually rose up, and the thick fog cleared up. Aunt Zhang and her daughter-in-law rushed over after they had breakfast.

Mrs. Zhao had a bamboo basket hanging from her elbow. Inside were a pot of soup and three set of tableware.

Because Aunt Zhang was worried about the cold weather, she especially had it brought over for the three of them to warm up their body before they left the mountain.

Lian Fang Zhou and the other two gave their thanks and drank the soup. They gave some simple instructions to the Aunt Zhang and Mrs. Zhao before carrying the empty basket down the mountain.

After drinking a hot soup and walked down the mountain road, their exhaustion faded away, and they no longer felt tired when they reached home.

After they washed up and had breakfast, Lian Fang Zhou went to look around the vegetable patch.

In the southwest, the lowest temperature was at most four to five degree in the winter. Usually, it's around eight to nine degree. Winter is the perfect growth time for every type of green leafy vegetable and cabbage. At this time, you can already see big, glossy green leaves.

She pulled some weeds and transplant some seedlings in the vegetable patch. Only when it was around noon, did she feel drowsy and went to nap.

Lian Ze couldn't wait for anymore. That very afternoon, under Ah Jian's teaching he practiced horse stance and strengthened the basic skills. Lian Fang Qing found it fun, so she also giggled as she learned at the side. When Lian Che saw his brother frowned a bit, he pulled her away.

Lian Fang Zhou understood his intention and seeing that he doesn't feel tired, she let him be.

After two more days, they can finally seal the kiln.

The charcoal kiln would be weighed down by the soil when the fire is extinguished. Everyone looked at each other. Their heart was apprehensive.
Because when burning the kiln, you can at least see what's happening. But now it's sealed, whatever changes inside can't be seen!

Since they can't see, naturally they would be more anxious.

"This, can it succeed right?"Li San Ge couldn't help nervously asked Ah Jian.

"There should be no problem! Just waiting for the charcoal to char. Three to four days should be enough." Lian Fang Zhou calmly answered, even though she felt a bit worried at heart.

"Ok!" Li San Ge felt at ease after she laid out the plan. He treated it as Lian Fang Zhou had asked Ah Jian before, and did not overthink of it when she answered his question.

"This, do we still need to guard it?" Uncle Li meticulously asked

Guard it? There's no fire, and there's also no place for shelter. What if they got sick from keeping watch deep in the mountain during the night?

Let's not mention that they can't afford to become sick; there's also the fact that medical treatment standards at this age are very doubtful.

Lian Fang Zhou rushed to say, "This matter, only we know and here is deep in the mountain. I think we don't need to? It was cold here. Wouldn't it be troublesome if we caught a cold?"

"You're right! If we caught the chill, then we'll have to spend money on medicine!" Mrs. Zhao quickly followed up. She left her unspoken words to stay in her stomach. 'By chance, we weren't successful in making charcoal, not only would we not earn money but also make a loss from grabbing the medicine. It wouldn't be worth it!'

Uncle Li, Aunt Zhang and the others felt what Lian Fang Zhou said was reasonable, so they agreed. They settled on waiting four days and then come back here to look.

In angst, they passed four days. That day in the afternoon, they came together to open the kiln.

When Ah Jian and Li San Ge carefully dug out the top of the kiln, many pairs of eye swept over at the same time to look, both worried as well as hopeful.

Finally, they dug out an opening and afterheat come pouring out. At that moment, everyone's heart stopped a beat. Then they all happened to cheer at the same time.

They have never felt that black could look so great. Those upright pieces in the middle of the kiln are successfully made charcoal!

"Success! Success! Aiya, mother, it succeeded!" Mrs. Zhao was so delighted that her eyes glowed and her mouth nearly reached her ears.

In her eyes, those dark charcoal are shiny white silver.

"That's right! That's right! Haha, this is wonderful!" Aunt Zhang was also a little bit excited.

Lian Fang Zhou was overjoyed as well, and at the same time, her heart relaxed. This winter, they should be pretty well off.

"Tomorrow we should make a trip to town and check out the market information. " Uncle Li suggested to Lian Fang Zhou.

Naturally, Lian Fang Zhou agreed. If the market condition is right, then they'll dig out another three-four kiln and burn all in one go.

At the side, she examined the freshly made charcoal and pointed out. "The time it took us to open the kiln is a bit long. A lot of this side's charcoal is burnt. Hm, seems like sealing for three days is enough for next time."

Naturally, it's great being able to save one day. Uncle Li felt uncertain and asked Ah Jian if it was like that.

Needless to say, Ah Jian nodded and said. "That's right."

The amount of charcoal made is estimated to be over a thousand jin. The whole Li family and Ah Jian carried it all back in one go. All of it was piled in Uncle Li's courtyard, waiting to sold in town the next day after they borrowed Wang family's cart.

Seeing the charcoal piled into a mini mountain in their courtyard, Mrs. Zhao felt content like a blooming flower. The more she looked, the more delighted she is.

Suddenly she was struck by an idea. She pulled Li San Ge to the side to quietly discuss. "Making charcoal isn't that hard! Didn't we learn it in one go? It's fine this time. How about next time each family makes their own? That way when doing the account, it wouldn't be troublesome to split. What do you think?"

Once Li San Ge heard these words, he knew what Mrs. Zhao was thinking. 'She thinks that the fact Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze are kids and can't help out much, their own family were at a disadvantage!'


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