Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
54 Not knowing how to advance and retrea
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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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54 Not knowing how to advance and retrea

"That's perfect then. I found the right person!" The servant girl clapped in joy. "I'm called Xi Que, Zhao Family's Young Miss's personal maid! Just now, our Miss's carriage was startled, and only did this man took action, that nothing terrible happened. Our Miss saw that he got excellent skills and wanted to hire him as a driver. State a price and give him to Zhao Family!"

Xi Que fervently declared it with an expression saying 'state any price, what miss has is money.' The corners of her eyes proudly slanted at Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou found her hauteur attitude maddening as well as funny. A slave, without any freedom and her life and death the grip of someone else's hand, actually dare act high and mighty in front of her!

If it were other matters, she would reject straight away. But Ah Jian is different. Ah Jian had lost his memory, and if he lived in the city, it would be much easier for him to ask around and also search for by other. So Lian Fang Zhou pulled him to the side and softly counseled. "Ah Jian, whether you want to go with her or not, you consider it carefully and decide for yourself. Perhaps it's more convenient to investigate for information if you live in the city..."

"I don't want to go to whatever Zhao Household. I'll return to Da Fang Village with you!" Ah Jian shooked his head.

Needless to say, Lian Fang Zhou was overjoyed that her eyes shone, but she was still hesitant. "You, you don't need to consider for a bit? After all--"

"No need. Didn't you say we can rely on someone to ask around?" Ah Jian firmly rejected with his head shaking.

He had lost his memory, not his brain. What that Zhao Family's Miss saw in him were his strength and skills. Only in Lian Family's eyes, he could see equality and respect. For some unknown reason, he cared about that.

If not, on the journey, he would have already had a place to stay and wouldn't be here in Yu He County, right?

It's because the people he met, all had shining eyes when seeing his strength and enthusiastically pressed him to stay with the thoughts of treating him as a servant to order around. So without exception, he rejected them all.

This Zhao Family's Miss is no different from them.

Hearing his remark, Lian Fang Zhou subconsciously relaxed and nodded. "Oh, that's also fine!"

Finally, she turned to speak to Xi Que. "Sorry, Miss Xi Que, Ah Jian isn't willing. So, please return!"

Instantly, Xi Que was shocked still. She couldn't believe it and doubtfully looked at Ah Jian.

Ah Jian affirmed, "What Fang Zhou said is correct. Many thanks for Miss's good intention!"

Xi Que became troubled. She couldn't handle such a small matter, what would Young Miss think of her? At that moment she couldn't care about anything else and walked a few steps over. She stared unwaveringly at Ah Jian and questioned, "Don't you know which Zhao Family's Miss is our Miss? Half of Yu He County's silk and satin workshop, embroidery workshop, pawn shop and restaurant are part of our Zhao Family's business! Countless people would kill to work for our Zhao Family but can't since our Miss is extremely picky. If you didn't save our Miss, you could only dream of entering Zhao Household's door. Young Miss said, as long as you come, the wage is at least double!"

She gritted her teeth before continuing, "At least two silver per month!"

Ah Jian's eyelid didn't even flutter, his gaze remained calm. He turned down with a headshake. "Miss, please go back!"

Xi Que stomped her feet and glanced at Lian Fang Zhou with suspicion. "Did someone threaten you? Someone not willing to let you go? No need to be afraid! You can tell me, our Zhao Family is one of the most eminent households in Yu He County. Even in front of the County lord, our Master can have a seat!"

Lian Fang Zhou bit her lips to stop herself from laughing. At the same time, she steadily gazed at Xi Que. ' The world still has such conceited person, that's really rare. '

Ah Jian became somewhat impatient and asserted. "I said I won't go means I won't go! Do you hear?"
Xi Que was reduced to silence. However, she didn't give up, she turned to Lian Fang Zhou. "Miss, I want all of your charcoal. Whenever you make charcoal, just send it all to Zhao Manor! No matter how much you give, we'll take it all! This person, you have to give him to our Zhao Family, how about it?

This time Lian Fang Zhou flared up and aloofly replied. "Miss Xi Que, your Zhao Family is very wealthy and ostentatious. You can have anyone you want, so why must it be Ah Jian? And also I had said that it's all up to Ah Jian to decide for himself. He's not willing to go, then there's nothing I can do!"

"Fang Zhou, Ah Jian, what happened?" In the midst of talking, Uncle Li and Li San Ge returned and were giving a curious glance at Xi Que.

Seeing more people coming over, Xi Que didn't want to drag it any longer. Her eyes spun around before softly spoke with a smile. "Brother Ah Jian, my words counts anytime, so give it some more thoughts. When you decided, just come straight to the Zhao Family. Our Zhao mansion is in this city, just ask anyone, and you'll know!"

She shot him a sweet smile and fluttered her eyes coquettishly as she spoke before swaying her hips as she left.

Seeing this kind of acting, Uncle Li and Li San Ge got goosebumps instantly. You can't blame them, they're an honest farmer, so where could they see this before?

Lian Fang Zhou also got chills all over her body, and internally she nearly rolled with laughter. Huh, even the beauty trap is used. Beauty trap is very picky, not just anyone can use it...

Some people would have the reverse effect if they used it.

Lian Fang Zhou sneaked a glance at Ah Jian. Ah Jian's eyes were filled with disgust, and his brows pinched very high.

"Zhao Family? Everyone in the city knows there's only one Zhao Family. How did you get mixed up with them?" Uncle Li was surprised.

"Cause I was too meddlesome," Ah Jian then gave a run down version of what happened.

Uncle Li and Li San Ge exchanged a glance and was secretly sighed in relief. They agreed with his decision. "It was the right choice to not go with her. That kind of wealthy families only knows how to bully people! If you have a family here, it is a bit better, since you'll have someone to rely on if you ever suffer grievance. But since you aren't from here, with no root or support, you could only suffer bullying from everyone. It's better not to go!"
They just started the charcoal business, and if they lost Ah Jian, it can't help make people feel lost.

"I won't go," Ah Jian assured.

"Let's not talk about them anymore. Uncle Li and Li San Ge, what have you found about the price?" Lian Fang Zhou drew their attention back to the matters at hand.

Uncle Li and Li San Ge voiced their findings, then Lian Fang Zhou. The four of them discussed for a while before settling on two hundred and twenty-five wen per one hundred jin. Last year it was two hundred and thirty wen for each hundred jin.

Finally, they drove the cart to check the area of inns, restaurant, and shops first. If any of them need some, they would buy a more substantial amount.

There were a good few wanted to order but weren't content with the price. They wanted to drop it by five to six wen, even ten wen. Who knows if, after some time, the cost of charcoal were cheaper. Buy it now was a bit early, but as long as they don't suffer a loss.

Lian Fang Zhou smiled. "Now it's just entered October and the early morning frost almost didn't freeze people to death. It can be seen that this winter will definitely be cold. It goes without saying, charcoal need to be bought. I don't know whether it'll become more expensive if this keeps on but it'll definitely won't be cheap. And also, wasn't it also this price last year? If it could get cheaper, it won't be cheaper than last year, right? And what's more, take a good look. Our charcoal wasn't impaired at all, it's one hundred percent made from burning hardwood. No smoke, resist burning and less ash residue. Those with discerning eyes can tell! We're testing the kiln, this trip, so that's why it's at this price. Next time it won't be at this price!"


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