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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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55 Zhao Family“s Young Miss

The person that wanted to buy heard her words and laughed. He inspected the charcoal again and found it undoubtedly high quality. He jollily remarked. "Miss, the way you talk is very polished, it sounds very reasonable. Alright then, I'll buy some!"

Another jokingly said, "If it really as great as Miss, then I'll buy from you guys next time!"

Making everyone else laughed.

Lian Fang Zhou candidly agreed. Not long later, those charcoal were all sold out.

The four of them gathered together and counted the money. With a two thousand six hundred wen earnt, they were overwhelmed with joy.

Li San Ge rubbed his hands together, and merrily voiced out, "It hasn't even been three days, and earned this much. When we get back, dig more kilns and make more charcoal, so we can sell more!"

"I also had the same thoughts!" Lian Fang Zhou grinned. "Next time, we'll come back when it's a bit colder. Then we can increase another ten wen for each jin!"

"Ah, that much!? Aiya, this year we'll have a pretty comfortable new year!" They all burst out laughing as chatted.

Since it was a rare chance to enter the city, it goes without saying that they would buy some stuff before they return. Lian Fang Zhou and Ah Jian separated from the Li father and son, each buying their own stuff and it was still Ah Jian drive the cart.

"Let's go the four city entrance and entrust someone to look into your matter," Lian Fang Zhou told Ah Jian.

"Alright!" Ah Jian acceded agreeably. After a pause, he continued speaking. "No matter what happens, I'm very grateful to you!"

"Don't say these aloof words!" Lian Fang Zhou chuckled.

This was initially a matter to do in passing and with the additional twenty coins and Lian Fang Zhou's and Ah Jian's extremely courteous attitude, those old men, who watched the tea sheds, agreed very straightforwardly with a delighted grin.

After they instructed clearly, they returned back, and Lian Fang Zhou hastily brought some things; few dozens of jin of flour, few bolts of dense and fine cambric, two relatively thick felt blankets, as well as two jin of pork butchered, two pig's bone and a packet of sesame candy for the two little ones.

Once they bought everything, they went to the arranged meeting spot and Uncle Li and Li San Ge was already there waiting.

Lian Fang Zhou felt somewhat embarrassed and hurried to say, "Was delayed for some time, made Uncle Li and Brother San Ge wait!"

Uncle Li waved his hand, "It's nothing! Since it's a rare chance to come to the city, it's not strange to look around for something interesting."

Making everyone laughed. They chatted as they moved the things they bought onto the cart. Ah Jian jumped up to the driver seat and used the whip and drove them out of the city to return home.

Let's not talk about Lian Fang Zhou and the others exiting the city to return back. In another place, in front of Zhao Family's Miss, Zhao Ru Jun was Xi Que, in the midst of reporting.

"Your servant has already investigated properly. That person is called Ah Jian, an outsider who came here to work. Your servant had explained it clearly to him. He said he'll go back and think it over. After two days, he'll give us an answer..."

'With two days efforts, she'll persuade him to work for Zhao Family, no matter what.' Xi Que secretly vowed in mind.

Before when she went to invite him, she had unreservedly boosted in front of Young Miss. Now she couldn't bring him back, what will Young Miss think of her? Will she (Young Miss) still be able to trust her from now from?

Zhao Ru Jun is Master Zhao's only daughter. This year, she's nineteen. Not only is she an alluring beauty, but she also got the brains that many sharp-witted men can't beat!

Currently, more than half of Zhao Family's business is managed by her. Not only did it not suffer any loss, instead it became more and more prosperous.

In the beginning, those relatives of Zhao Family saw that Master Zhao had no son, they covetously eyed on Zhao Family's assets. Master Zhao's cousins tried different methods one after another to place their own sons at Master Zhao's side.

Phrasing it nicely, they're there to help. But in reality, they're aiming for those properties.

Everyone had the same plan: Master Zhao had no son to continue the line, then he'll have no choice but to choose one of the nephews to adopt, right?

Toward this matter, Master Zhao was vexed as well as helpless.

Of course, he was clear about their little scheme, but he had a total of seven concubines, and not one son was born, so besides adopting a nephew, there are no other solutions! He can't just let the incense fire extinguish 1  and selfishly throw all those assets into the water! At most, he could pick a good one out of them.

But Zhao Ru Jun had other thoughts.

From young, Zhao Ru Jun was raised like a boy. At the age when one can grab things, she was already playing with an abacus; when kids start learning words, she was looking at accounts. Also, Master Zhao dotes her, so for several years, he took her with him when doing business.

Taught through personal examples, Zhao Ru Jun has become an expert in business, despite her young age. Her formidable decision-making skills and intelligence is even more superior than her father.

With this kind of person, it's only natural that she won't be willing to give her own family's asset to her cousins.

When the cousins entered the Zhao Family's stores, Zhao Ru Jun didn't say anything and showed them all a warm, friendly smile.

Everyone knew that she was the apple of Master Zhao's eye, so it goes without saying to compete in flattering her. As long as she praises a few words in front of Master Zhao, it'll be more effective than working with their life on the line to perform excellently.

So, Zhao Ru Jun very easily sow discord and exacerbate everywhere without batting an eyelid.

Then, without any notice, she placed everyone in a situation she planned. This made those cousins' selfishness clear before everyone's eyes.

Beside dejectedly leaving Zhao Ru Jun's home, they have no other alternative.

What's really impressive, was that no one held a single speck of grudge against Zhao Ru Jun and her father after such anticlimax ending. Instead, the connection between a lot of people turned into death; hating the other for undermining them and exposing their weakness.

Afterward, in this situation with no other alternatives, Zhao Ru Jun and her father invited the clan elders to make a decision- Zhao Ru Jun taking a son-law to marry into their family and in future, the inheritances will go to her descendants. Naturally, the clan elders didn't put in their efforts for nothing.

All the uncles and cousins calmly and peacefully accepted this ending, and no longer aim for Zhao Family's assets.

They all had the same thought: 'In any case, I don't have a chance, but also I can't let any of you get it so easily!"

When this matter was settled, Zhao Ru Jun was only fifteen.

If she suggested recruiting a son-in-law at the beginning, the clansmen would definitely not agree. They had already thought of Zhao Family's assets as if it's entirely natural for them to own, so how could they be willing to let an outsider profit? But after experiencing this period of hardship, no one would disapprove. It can be seen how deep her thoughts are.

Not waiting for others to hatch a plan on Zhao Ru Jun's recruiting husband matter, Master Zhao and his daughter had already publicly announced the criteria for the husband selection. This way they can reject those uncles' evil intentions.

Want to marry in? Sure, just follow the rules! Failed to pass? Well, that's because your qualification isn't sufficient; can't blame anyone else!

Of course, if she found someone she fancied, she will have a plan to make that person fit the criteria.

But the problem is that after so many years, she still hasn't found anyone that can enter her eyes.

However, she wasn't anxious. As long as she nods her head, would she still not be able to find a husband?

Hearing Xi Que's words, Zhao Ru Jun remained silent and her slender white hand held a teacup, while her other hand used the lid to lightly dabble with the tea foam and hanging by the side of her face were seed-beaded tassel, which slightly shook. It shows a completely leisurely demeanor. The imposing aura exuding from within her made people unable to stare at her.

A strand of pressure that can make one nervous flowed into the atmosphere.

Subconsciously, Xi Que licked her lips, and her breath became blocked as if her throat was gripped by an invisible hand.

"Tell the truth!" After a pause, Zhao Ru Jun spoke lightly. Her tone carried a hint of laziness, and within that laziness laced with power that allows no defiance. end of family line


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