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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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57 Making dumplings

In a short moment, Ah Jian was pulled in by Lian Ze. Initially, Lian Fang Zhou thought Ah Jian wasn't willing to do this kind of housework, but who knew that he wasn't very particular about it. He went to stand at one side of the table, turned to ask Lian Fang Zhou cheerfully, "Did you called for me to do this? Ok, teach me how to do it!"

Lian Fang Zhou considered how with more people they can be quicker, so she demonstrated as she gave simple pointers. Afterward, she let him try.

Lian Fang Zhou waited at the side to watch him messed up. However, Ah Jian never gave the chance to. With one try, he was able to master it. The dumpling wrap was rolled out fast, even and looks good.

"Ah Jian is very skilled, to be able to do anything!" Even Third Aunt couldn't hold back her praise when she saw. And also mentally added, -'it was the right decision to let him stay!'

Lian Ze glanced over at Ah Jian. With a proud beam, he thought, how could such a small task trouble his teacher? He was able to master more difficult martial arts!

In contrast, Ah Jian was acting modestly. He politely smiled and asserted. "It was Fang Zhou who explained so easy to understand."

This made Lian Fang Zhou burst out into chuckles.

Lian Fang Zhou had her hands freed up, so she taught her three siblings how to fill and fold the dumpling. She showed them how to do each and every step.

This was a slightly harder technique. The dumplings the three little ones made was supposed to be dumpling in essence but can't really be called one in shape. Looking at those oddly shaped appearances made them continuously laugh.

And also Lian Fang Zhou had highlighted, "Other parts doesn't matter but one thing you must definitely do is seal the filling in properly!"

The three of them was afraid of leaving gaps, so they kept on pinching the edge hard with anxiety. Resulting in the dumplings looking much more terrible.

Third Aunt couldn't bear to watch it anymore. With a bang, she stopped her doing the work at hand and criticized. "You call that dumpling!? It's a disgraceful sight! Ah Ze, you do this. I'll let you see what is truly called dumpling!"

The Lian siblings studied Third Aunt's quick, smooth movement of holding the dough, filling it, enclosing it and pinched out neat folds. A full and bulging, neatly folded, snow white dumpling was produced. Compare to the siblings' weirdly shaped one, you can't compare them at all.

The siblings gasped in surprise, "Third Aunt is really cool!"

Third Aunt waved her hand. "You two little ones, go do what you're supposed to be doing one. With me here, is enough! Fang Zhou, go heat the water. Once the water boil, we can cook the first batch!"

"There's so much. We'll also help out or else how long would it take for you to finish?" Lian Fang Zhou quickly pointed out. Just when she finished speaking, she saw the pan had another four bulging, pretty dumpling on it. She immediately corrected herself. "I'll go to the kitchen and boil water."

With this pace, it'll be as fast as them four siblings doing it!

Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che helped to get the dough balls and lined the dumplings. They chatted and laughed lively as they watched the process in great relish.

After the water boiled, Lian Fang Zhou came over. As expected, there are already a few dozen dumplings made. She happily said: "I'll go cook them. In a while, we'll eat first before we make the rest."

"Sister, I'll help you watch the fire!" Lian Fang Qing cast aside the work at hand and gleefully declared. She followed her to the kitchen.

Not long later, a large pan of the delicious dumpling was out of the steamer. Lian Fang Zhou used a bowl to hold them when she brought it out. She had also brought the small bowl and chopsticks. She merrily called everyone, " Quickly eat these! Just perfect, I'll have this batch cooked. Tonight we'll be having a feast!"

In the midst of the swirling steam, a fragrant smell drifted around. Everyone exclaimed out ' smells delicious!' as they sat together to start eating.

"It's really yummy! I had never had such delicious dumpling before!" Lian Fang Qing took a bite, finding the taste was really unforgettable.

Third Aunt also sighed out, "Let's not about someone as young as you, even I haven't tried a dumpling like this before! With this generous amount of meat, how could it not be mouth-watering!"

Causing everyone to erupt in laughter.

Lian Fang Zhou then laughed, "What's this? Our life will definitely get better and better, so wait until you get tired of eating it one day! Hm, when it's New Year, we'll buy some pork again. While we're at it, we'll buy some lamb, chicken, fish and made few more kinds of dumpling filling!"

"You can really dream, ah! " Third Aunt scolded with a smile at her.

Lian Ze followed up, "We'll have enough when we make a few more batch of charcoal, so we'll do however Sister want it!"

Third Aunt heart was moved and thought of asking how much they earned from selling charcoal. She was so focused and overjoyed about the things they bought back, that she forgot to ask.

After some thoughts, in this house, she's not the family head. There's a chance she might make Lian Fang Zhou displease if she asked. So why bother? She swallowed up the unspoken question and happily gobbled up the dumplings.

Through the merry chatters, they quickly finished the big bowl of dumplings. Lian Fang Zhou had already brought over the second bowl of freshly cooked ones.

"It's a pity that we don't have any vinegar. Next time we'll need to buy some to dip in. The taste would we much better and not get tired of it." Lian Fang Zhou uttered.

Third Aunt exclaimed. "Aiya, how could we get tired of it? We won't even if we had it every day!"

Making everyone burst into laughter.

With this bowl finished, everyone was stuffed. They started wrapping the rest of the filling into dumplings and neatly stored them there. Afterward, they tidied up and prepared to bathe and sleep.

Third Aunt was in the kitchen washing the dishes when Lian Fang Zhou came in and gave her thirty nuggets to Third Aunt. "These days, it was hard on Third Aunt. Take this bit of money to keep at hand!"

"For me?" Third Aunt was surprised as well as delighted. She smiled like a Cheshire cat as she reached out to receive it. But that and withdrew when it was midway. "This, there's no need! I'm eating and living here as well as getting newly cutted-out clothes and newly made shoes. Which one of these isn't money? How could I still take your money!"

"You can just accept it!" Lian Fang Zhou stuffed the big bundle handkerchief wrapped nuggets into Third Aunt's hand. She insisted with a grin, "You deserve it! Next time we profit, there's more!"

"Oh, this, I'll accept it then! Usually, I would have to refrain myself from asking you to buy some needle, threads and the like!" Third Aunt no longer refuse. Hearing that there's more in future, She became blooming in joy, and all displeasure dissipate. After some contemplation, she turned to Lian Fang Zhou to express her usefulness. "One thing, yesterday, that woman, Mrs. Qiao wanted to enter our veggie patch to steal. When I saw her, I gave her a good scolding and drove her away! Next time she dares to come, I won't let her off!"

"Aunt is really outrageous! Third Aunt, I'll have to trouble you in the future!" Lian Fang Zhou expressed.
"That goes without saying! This kind of matter isn't suited for you young girls and the younger generation to do. In future, you'll still need to marry-- cough, I need to wash the dishes. You should quickly wash up and sleep! The pot on the stove still has hot water!"

All at once, Third Aunt recalled that Lian Fang Zhou had her engagement broken. So in the middle of her sentence, she changed the topis in an instant.

Lian Fang Zhou also didn't expose that. She just nodded with a smile. "Ok, I'll go now then! You should also rest up early later."

She didn't care about it all. So what if she remained unmarried for the rest of her life?


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