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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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59 The harassing Xi Que 2

Ah Jian hurriedly spoke out. "Coming over is her matter, I didn't say I would go with her."

When hearing this, Lian Fang Zhou burst into chuckles. Lian Fang Qing was in the midst of washing her face when she lifted her head and daintily called out. "Big Brother Ah Jian, even if want to leave, I won't allow you to. Our family can't bear for you to leave."

Ah Jian grinned happily as his heart settled down. Then he turned to go out.

"Ah Jian," Xi Que saw Ah Jian as if she found a giant gold nugget that had fallen down from heaven. That intense friendliness made Ah Jian step back. With a frown, "Didn't I express it clearly? I'm not going to Zhao family!"

Xi Que came to a halt. She hadn't said it yet and already got rejected by him. She mentally called him a fool, blockhead and the likes. Today she had especially dressed up, did he not see that? If he saw, then how he could bear to reject her?

"It's like this, "Xi Que stood her ground, as she softly spoke. "That xx day you saved our Miss, and since our Miss is a person who would repay her gratitude, she insisted that I must invite you to our household! Isn't the city better than here? There are so many people want to enter our household but can't. This is a great opportunity! Don't worry, Zhao Family won't mistreat you. Our Miss said how much salary you want, is up to you to choose. Once you enter our household, you'll also get two sets of new clothes. So don 't be foolish anymore! You are our Miss's savior, once you arrive in Zhao Family, who wouldn't place important to you?"

Not waiting for her to finish, Ah Jian interrupted. "Are you done speaking? Now it is my turn to speak. I'm not going! Please return!"

Then he turned to leave.

"Hold on a moment! "Xi Que became anxious. She rushed over to block Ah Jian from the front, and with a sheepish smile, "I believe you didn't hear me. Our Miss said the salary is up to you to choose!"

"Please return!" Without batting an eye, Ah Jian still repeated. Xi Que became anxious. She mentally cursed him non stop. She carefully inspected Ah Jian once. And immediately stomped her feet and reached out to grasp Ah Jian's sleeve. Her cheeks flushed as she quietly and coyly said: "I'm Miss's first class maid. If you're willing to go, how about I… I marry you-"

As if he was burnt, Ah Jian hurried to fling her hands off him. He retreated backward, and with a frown, he bellowed: "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?"

Since he came to Lian Household, Ah Jian always had a smile when he spoke with anyone. The Lian Family had never heard him shout like this before, especially when it carries anger.

Inside the house, the Lian siblings, as well as Third Aunt, was shocked. They all looked blankly at each other.

"What's, what's going on? "Third Aunt murmured.

"I'll go out check it out!" Lian Fang Zhou rushed out.

Xi Que thought that she, a real and gorgeous girl, taking the initiative to say this, Ah Jian would become speechless from joy. Who would have known that he would yell at her instead. She became embarrassed as well as enraged. Instantly tears welled up in her eye.

"Ah Jian, what has happened?"Lian Fang Zhou asked.

Xi Que immediately became unsettled. If Ah Jian spoke out the truth, would she still have the face to see people?

Ignoring her own embarrassed anger, she stepped up, and her knees softened and kneeled in front of Lian Fang Zhou. She pulled on Lian Fang Zhou's sleeves and begged. "Miss Lian, I beg you. Let Ah Jian go with me. I beg of you. No matter how much charcoal you make, I'll buy them all, alright?"

Immediately, Lian Fang Zhou felt a burst of disdain. This counts as negotiating condition right? If she agreed, what kind of person would she become? What's more, she never thought of accepting from the start -- And what does this matter has to do with her?

If Ah Jian wanted to go, although it's regretful that they'll lose their main working force, she still wouldn't say anything.

"I say, Miss Xi Que, didn't I already tell you? The decision is up to Ah Jian. Don't ask me. He is temporarily staying at our house. He's not our hired hand!"

Lian Fang Zhou politely spoke and tried to pull off Xi Que hand. But Xi Que's hand was like it grew on her sleeve. No matter how she couldn't get it off. Lian Fang Zhou's face flashed a hint of annoyance. She might as well stand there unmoving. 'If you want to kneel, then kneel. Want to grab then grab!'

How is this begging someone? This is simply acting shamelessly!

Xi Que, who had Miss Lian rolling off her tongue long and short as she continuously pleads, abruptly found that she was putting on a one-person show. She halted before her voice gradually turned quieter and no longer cause a scene.

Lian Fang Zhou unexpectedly pull back her sleeve with great force from her grasp and said, "Miss Xi Que, we still need to head up to the mountain to work. So do as you please!"

Ah Jian was already run out of patience. So without any more thoughts, he turned to walk away.

"Miss Lian!" Xi Que became frantic. She rushed forward to reach out two arms to stop Lian Fang Zhou. With reddened eyes, she sobbed. "I'll be honest with you! Our Miss has already spoken out, if I cant invite Ah Jian back, she, she won't want me anymore. sob sob ... Miss Lian, I beg of you to be kind. Let Ah Jian make a trip over, please. Staying or not, let him tell our Miss. This way I can report to our Miss!"

Xi Que continuously begged Lian Fang Zhou. Ah Jian made her lose face, so she was too humiliated to ask him.

Lian Fang Zhou wrinkled her brow and looked over to Ah Jian. After some consideration, Ah Jian spoke. "I make a trip over to explain things clearly and come back."

"The sooner you go, the sooner you come back," Lian Fang Zhou nodded. Although they haven't known each other long, she still understands Ah Jian's personality. It's impossible for Zhao Family to make him stay.

"That's wonderful! Thank you, Miss Lian! Many thanks, Miss Lian!"Xi Que was overjoyed. She quickly asked. "Ah Jian, shall we go now?"

Xi Que felt proud of her pity-seeking act on the inside. In her opinion, the reason for Ah Jian not willing to work for Zhao Family is because he never been to Zhao Family place or seen Zhao Family's ostentation. As long as he witnesses it, he will definitely change his mind.

Ah Jian glanced at Xi Que, with full of cautiousness. "You go back first. I'll go by myself."

"Why go to such trouble? I happen to have a carriage here! "Xi Que courteously grinned. Ah Jian gave her an apathetic gaze with inexplicable thoughts that need not be brought to open. If Xi Que could paw him in public, then who knows what she would do when nobody is around. Ah Jian doesn't want to gain some messy reputation.

Xi Que understood Ah Jian 's expression, her face immediately redden. Ashamed she said, "Then, then I'll leave first. Don't make our Miss wait long."

And she finished without bidding Lian Fang Zhou goodbye. She speeded into the carriage as if she was escaping.

Lian Fang Zhou wasn't bothered by her attitude. Instead, she swept up and down at Ah Jian with a strange gaze. This made Ah Jian feel uneasy. He forced a smile, "Why, why are you looking at me like that?"

Initially, Lian Fang Zhou wanted to ask, but when she thought about Xi Que behavior, afraid it was very likely something terrible. And she replied with, "Oh, its nothing much. Since you promised her, then you should quickly go."

"Ok, I'll come back earlier and make it in time to chop more wood to char!" Seeing that she wasn't going to grill him, Ah Jian sighed in relief and hurriedly nodded with a grin.

Lian Fang Zhou chuckled and said. "I didn't say you need to rush to work for half day. You don't need to be hasty. Just rest in the afternoon!"

Ah Jian just smiled, didn't respond. Not long later, he went out.


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