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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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Third Aunt saw that Ah Jian left, she couldn't resist grumbling to Lian Fang Zhou. Saying what if he went and never came back?

Not waiting for her sister to answer, Lian Fang Qing snatched to say, "Brother Ah Jian isn't that kind of person! He'll definitely come back. "

Third Aunt continued. "Oh, what if it's possible? This isn't his home after all!. That hounding Zhao Family mostly likely will give him more salary than us."

Then Lian Fang Zhou blandly pointed out. "If he wanted to leave like this, could we make him stay?"

Immediately, Third Aunt turned silent. She mumbled a bit then declared, "If it's like that, don't give him a penny from the profit of selling the charcoal."

Lian Fang Zhou secretly rolled her eyes and didn't say anything.

Then Lian Che mentioned: "We'll be fine but what about Second Brother? He's learning martial arts from Brother Ah Jian!"

"I'm with Qing-er. I believe Brother Ah Jian will definitely come back!" Lian Ze rushed to proclaim. After a pause, he continued. "If he doesn't come back, what Sister said is reasonable…"

Lian Fang Zhou gave him a reassuring smile. "If you still want to learn martial arts, there's nothing to it. We'll go discuss it with him and let him teach like usual. I believe he won't refuse."

Lian Ze wrinkled his brow. "If it's like that, then I won't learn from him!"

Lian Fang Zhou questioned him with a serious face, "Why?"

Lian Ze remained quiet.

Lian Fang Zhou continued on speaking. "I understand your meaning. Firmly believe if he's not a genuine person, then you don't want to learn from him, right?"

Lian Ze froze then lightly nodded.

Lian Fang Zhou then said, "When looking at people, use your heart! Don't just look at the matter on the outside. What kind of person is Ah Jian, we can already see from this period of time, right? If he wanted to stay in Zhao Family, then he must have his reason. We can't paint him black or white just based on one matter. Isn't that right?"

The matter in this world, isn't completely white or black? Usually, Lian Ze's disposition is too upright. Lian Fang Zhou had long wanted to find a chance to educate him.

Seeing him not respond, she then explained about how it's more convenient for Ah Jian to stay in the city to search for news on missing people. Only then Lian Ze was surprised and said. "If it's really like that…then … then we can't blame him."

"It's great that you understand!" Lian Fang Zhou beamed.

After breakfast, the four siblings entered the mountain. Lian Ze and Lian Fang Zhou chopped wood for charring. Lian Fang Qing and Lian Che were also occupied. They helped to transport. In the beginning, Lian Fang Zhou didn't want those two to come, but they persist in following them to the mountain to play. Lian Fang Zhou could only let them be. In any case, it's up to them whether they help or play.

Not long after it passed noon, Ah Jian arrived.

The three of them gave a giant sigh of relief. Lian Fang Qing flew over to Ah Jian and pulled his hand as she happily cried out. "Brother Ah Jian, you finally came back!"

Ah Jian rubbed her little head with a grin and glanced at Lian Fang Zhou.

Lian Fang Zhou's heart subconsciously relaxed. She nodded to him, grinning, "The matter is settled?"

Ah Jian simply answered with 'mm' and nothing else was spoken.

Lian Fang Zhou also didn't ask anymore. "That's great. Leaving the matter unclear, is asking for trouble after all. "

The second round of charcoal was soon out of the stove. With the previous experience, they had a more accurate grasp of time this round. Not only was the yield much higher, but two days were saved.

The two families were like groundhogs storing food as they chopped firewood and wood for charring non-stop. The flat spot beside the kilns was piled into a little mountain. After the charcoal in the kilns was taken out, it (i think it's referring to the kiln) was cooled for half a day then it can be refilled. The process was even quicker.

This time around, the four kilns made a total of over five thousand jin of charcoal. That means eleven-twelve silver and one family can get a share of five-six silver.

One haul after another, the dark gleaming charcoal was moved to the home. On everyone face was rippled with joy.

Mrs. Zhao was smiling till her teeth overshadow her eyes. Her thought was on the discussion about to get two sets of clothes, buying a silver hairpin and a pair of earring for New Year...

That day they just came back from the mountain, Lian Li and Mrs. Qiao were at the door, calling out "Anyone there?" and barged right in.

Lian Fang Zhou swept a glance over, it seems that they have prepared. Deep down she understood the couple was definitely waiting near the entrance so that once she was back, they'll come over.

She raised her hand to comb the loose hair and stepped up to welcome with a smile pasted on. "Uncle and Aunt, you must have nothing to do! Please take a seat."

Lian Fang Zhou could guess the reason for them coming here. Since her family and Aunt Zhang's didn't hide the matter about them making charcoal—actually, there's no way of hiding it.

Lian Li harrumphed and sat down. Mrs. Qiao cast her a glance and also sat down. Mrs. Qiao said with displeasure. "Do you place any importance to your Elder? We have come, and you didn't even give us tea!"

Her words had yet to finish, and Lian Che and Lian Fang Qing could be seen carrying the tea over.

Lian Fang Qing pouted and rebutted. "Aunt, it also takes time to brew tea, no? We had no idea you were coming over otherwise it would already be prepared. What are you being so anxious that your face is fuming red for?."

Mrs. Qiao was now putout and sneered without speaking anymore.

How was she to know that the second branch's kids would take the initiative to pour tea? She couldn't wait to point out fault, so she can grasp their shortcoming and take the opportunity to give them good teaching. And they would also have a stronger position in later discussion.

Who knew it was them who revealed their shortcoming instead.

"You're too problematic," obviously Lian Li recognize this fact. He threw a fierce glare at Mrs. Qiao before turning to Lian Fang Zhou with a pleasant face. "Your Aunt is just frank and outspoken. You don't have to mind her."

Lian Fang Zhou just smiled and glanced at Mrs. Qiao. She leisurely answered with 'oh.'

Mrs. Qiao angerily gave her a fierce stare.

Lian Li lifted up the teacup without any intention to drink it. He was waiting for Lian Fang Zhou to open her mouth. Waiting for Lian Fang Zhou to ask why they had come, so he can conveniently get into the topic.

But Lian Fang Zhou's eyelids were slightly lowered. Don't know what she was thinking about but it was clear she had no intention to speak at all. The three younger Lian siblings and Ah Jian had already left. Third Aunt was still in the kitchen.

Just sitting there won't do. Without any other choice, Lian Li lightly coughed. "Fang Zhou, I heard that you're working with Li Family on the charcoal business."

"Mhmm," Lian Fang Zhou lifted her head, gave Lian Li a nod and then nothing else.

Lian Li started to feel a bit angry. Irritated he said, "Previously Li Family didn't know how to make charcoal. So where could they have learned this?"

"I also don't know!"Lian Fang Zhou smiled. There's no adult in their home, and Ah Jian isn't from here, so he had no footing. They could only explain to others, it was Uncle Li who learned to make charcoal from somewhere. Incidentally, he also called on the Lian siblings to help out and share the benefits. Naturally, they tell others, the profit they get also isn't a lot.

Aunt Zhang often helped Lian Fang Zhou and the rest, so this time around wasn't any surprise.

Seeing Lian Li getting rebuffed repeatedly, discontent emerge within Mrs. Qiao. She snorted, "How much wage does the Li family give? I say, their family is too much. They cheat you into working for them! And you siblings are stupidly working yourself to death. I'm afraid you can't even earn enough to match their loose change. They are simply bullying you cause your young and not placing any importance to us Uncle and Aunt."

Completely acting as if they were standing up for them and with a stance of wanting to head to Li family to create a large scene.


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