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Village Girl as Family Head : picked up a general for farming
Author :Yi Yi Lan Xi
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Hearing Lian Li's words, Mrs. Zhao was in agony, as if someone had dug out her flesh. How could she not speak out when the opportunity was right in front of her? 

At once, Lian Li felt guilty. He wanted to pressurize the Lian siblings with his demeanor. With a cruel glare, he warned. "Fang Zhou, we're in an outsider home, so you should have the sense on what you can say and what you can't! Think carefully on who you will be relying on in future!"

Lian Fang Zhou openly declared. "Uncle, I had always thought it through! In the future, I won't rely on anyone else, but ourselves. Is what Zhao Sao-zi said just now true? Why is it that I don't remember ever I said those words to Uncle ?"

Lian Li's old face immediately flushed. "Although you didn't exactly say it like that, I did hear it was this meaning."

Mrs. Qiao quickly nodded, "That's right! You can't possibly be thinking of denying you ever said that!"

Lian Fang Zhou countered, "Then it was you who misinterpreted my words. That was never my meaning! That is Uncle Li's trade, how could I simply let someone join? Within this region, you won't find anyone else do this. If Uncle Li hadn't had the heart to take care of us and consider how we're still so young, he wouldn't have let us join in. It couldn't be that Uncle came running over here in hope to steal their trade?"

"What nonsense are you saying! I had no such thoughts!" Being exposed in front of other out of nowhere by Lian Fang Zhou, immediately Lian Li was enraged from the embarrassment.

"Oh, then I might have misinterpreted your meaning. I knew Uncle wouldn't have this intention."Lian Fang Zhou gave a cold smile. And slightly bent down. " I must apologize Uncle."
Mrs. Qiao criticized. "The Li hadn't said anything yet, so why are jumping in and making a racket? I have never seen anyone as brazen as you."
Mrs. Zhao quickly intervened "Your Uncle said when the time comes, they can take good care of you."

Lian Fang Zhou ignored Mrs. Qiao, turned to say to Uncle Li politely. " Uncle Li, we don't need looking after, we're not that fragile. You obtained this skill, so how it should be is how it should be. You and Aunt Zhang had always taken care of us. And we know that very well deep down. If you felt like you can't look at us in the eye because of this, then we're at fault!"

How could Uncle Li not understand now. To Lian Li, he graciously expressed. "So it was all a misunderstanding! This, haha, it's great that it's clear up. Rest assured; we'll watch over Lian Fang Zhou and the others. I won't overwork them! After all, we're from the same neighborhood..."

With Uncle Li's words, it gave the Lian couple a stage to step off. They can't let their relationship become extremely strain since the couple is the siblings' elders after all.
However, Mrs. Qiao wasn't appreciative. Instead, she agitatedly mentioned. "Just now we had agreed. Brother Li, how could you do this? This isn't moral!"

Mrs. Zhao was infuriated and couldn't resist rebutting. "Aunt Qiao, when did my father ever promise anything? It was you who done all the talking! With much difficulty, we finally learn this trade, how could we simply let anyone watch?"

"Mei-zi!" Aunt Zhang lightly admonished Mrs. Zhao a bit. Turning to Mrs. Qiao, she gave an apologetic smile. "This daughter-in-law of mine has a loose tongue. So what she says isn't pleasing to hear. Don't be mad, her Aunt!"
Even though it's unpleasing to the ear, it wasn't incorrect.
"Since they aren't appreciative, then treat it as us worry over nothing. Let's go and not seek more hatred by staying here. Younger generation not acting like one. Oh, my pitiful brother gone so early. And perfectly fine children became like this!" Lian Li heavily sighed as he grumbled. Before he left he didn't forget to step on Lian Fang Zhou as well as dragging Uncle Li and Aunt Zhang in.
"In the future, don't ask me to stand up for you when you suffer! Even if you beg on your knees, I won't help!" Mrs. Qiao shot the two siblings a venomous glare and also left.

Uncle Li, Aunt Zhang and Li San Ge looked at each other. Mrs. Zhao lightly spat and muttered. "What kind of person is that!"

Seeing Aunt Zhang shooting a warning gaze over, she unyieldingly uttered: "Mother, even if you look at me like that, I'll still say it!"
These words made Lian Fang Zhou amused, and the atmosphere lighten up.

"It's my fault. I never thought they would stir up trouble to this extent and didn't give uncle and aunt a head up."Lian Fang Zhou apologetically smile.
"No need to say this kind of words!" Aunt Zhang grasped her hand with a reassuring smile. She lightly sighed, "Oh, this really is..."
In the end, Uncle Li felt terrible, and suggested, "All in all, they are your elders. How about… we count them in in this matter?"

"Uncle Li! You mustn't say that!" Lian Fang Zhou shook her head. She firmly stated "You guys know it very well, so I'm not afraid to talk about my family's messy situation. What kind of person are my Uncle and Aunt? They had never helped us a single bit. If we must say, they are the ones who participated the most in bullying us orphans. If we endure and give way this time, they would only become more arrogant, and in future, they might demand more and more. And also, their life isn't so terrible that need money to avert a crisis."

Aunt Zhang lightly sighed again, "It's been difficult on you."

Lian Fang Zhou faintly smiled, "Difficult? Not relying on them, we can still have a good life. There's a limit to their seeking trouble tendency. When forced too much to a corner, it'll spread out, and see how shameless they are as elders."

"Anyhow you're all one family! If you can, then don't take that step unless there's no other choice!" Aunt Zhang swiftly advised.

Lian Ze reasoned, "Aunt Zhang, when did they ever treat us their family! Before when my parents were still alive, they took out an older brother attitude and made my parents help with their work from time to time. Now it's just us, if they could take advantage of us, they won't be polite about it."

Aunt Zhang then replied. "On normal matters, you should endure. If you can't, then you need a justified reason. Or else when it spread out, it won't be good since they are your elders after all! Then, in the end, you'll suffer a loss. Other matters is fine, but it'll be terrible when someone ruins your reputation. Your younger siblings' marriage will be affected in the future. And also Che-er, didn't you say you plan to send him to school?"

At once Lian Fang Zhou felt a moment of helplessness. Ancient time is really troublesome. At the same time, she secretly became more vigilant: she not from here, what if she slipped up when she wasn't paying attention?

She the obediently nodded, "I'll remember! Thank you for the reminder, Aunt Zhang!"

Lian Ze also agreed and gave thanks.

Uncle Li solemnly asserted. "Alright, this matter count as settled! I understood your meaning in this matter, and won't budge on it anymore."

"I have troubled you a lot!"Lian Fang Zhou gratefully smiled

Uncle Li dismissively waved his hand. "It's nothing! If you weren't thinking of us, we wouldn't have been able to earn this money! In future, if you ever need something, freely ask. No need to be shy."

Lian Fang Zhou and Lian Ze promised and spoke a bit more small talks before they left.
Once the two of them, Third Aunt came forward to probe for information. Lian Fang Zhou just answered 'It's fine now' and nothing more. She also informed them all to stay away from the couple if possible. So they can avoid getting schemed by them.
Lian Fang Qing is mischievous, while Lian Che who was the same age, was completely steady and full of self-control. Lian Fang Zhou instructed Lian Che, "Keep a good eye on your fourth sister!"
"Yes," Lian Che promised. Lian Fang Qing eyes innocently blinked as she pulled a face.


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