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World has answered time is money
Author :Nuse_Monen
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2 What...

@@Me:Who are you

Worldly Logically Odd system: I am your system

Me: For what

Worldly Logically Odd system: for your growth and well being

Me: okay can I know the rules and the catch of this first

Worldly Logically Odd system: sure the catch is I need love and care

Me: Really?

Worldly Logically Odd system: No I just can not tel you what the catch is but the rules and concepts are

1 Exchange your time to do a task you say that s possible

the concept of this is that you are basically fast forwarding your life and everything around you goes fast also but no one knows

2 you can go to our shop and exchange resources the catch of this is there is work time and shipping and you need to have a value of 50 cents to sell and then you get 10% of the amount you sold the reason you can profit from this still is by grabbing free stuff like branches rocks or just stuff you find on the road side like an old couch then we do the work for you and you get your cash in your altered wallet see is the reason you get 10 percent 30%- shipping and handling 30%-appraisal 30%-resale and work

Me: got it

3 there is also a trading system which allows us to transform an object you give us into another object of equal or less value

Worldly Logically Odd system: Many other options will be added in the future with updates

Me: so do I "own" you now?

Worldly Logically Odd system: in a way yes you can now use me

Me: okay



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