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World has answered time is money
Author :Nuse_Monen
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3 It Is Time

@@I wake up back to reality as a 14 year old and start pondering and check to see if I have my Altered wallet

yes I do

Now Interface!




Somthing! Board! Worldly Logically Odd System!

*system board appears in my eyes*

Me: Worldly Logically Odd System Can I shorten the command to System

Worldly Logically Odd system: No

dangit I think to myself hmmm since I can earn money now I might as well go outside and look through the trash

1 hour later and I found 2 pounds of scrap metal this seems like a good find lemme try to sell it Worldly Logically Odd System! how much could I sell 2 pounds of scrap metal for?

Logically Odd System: since it has not been organized and it seems to be weak and many different metals we will take the 2 pounds of metal for 45 cents but since you have not met the minimum resale we will store it in your inventory for now

Me: really...

1 hour later

Lucky find heh 1 found 3 pounds of copper tubes lemme try to sell it to the system I hope it is more this time

Logically Odd System!

Logically Odd System: great find master I will buy the 3 pounds of copper for 2.50 per pound so if you sell them all at once you will et 7.50 + 0.45 = 7.95/10 you got a total of 80 cents I will round it up for your first sale so you got one dollar and in store credit of 4 dollars



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