my mysterious husband
21 That is what you wanted
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my mysterious husband
Author :nellynwa
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21 That is what you wanted

" I presume you don't remember me am Sandra ,Sonia friend". Emmanuel was still at a loss why she was following him so he asked

" is that why you were trailing me? did Sandra send you? " Sandra seeing that she is in a tight spot because she didn't expect Emmanuel to start interrogating her quickly replied and said " no I just knew you were around and didn't travel and I have been looking for a way for us to talk but it has not been fort coming " " am here now what is it? " Emmanuel asked her. " I just wanted to know why you left my friend after going for introduction at her parents house and also you never bothered calling or contacting her " Emmanuel responded and said " I thought that is what you wanted because I can still remember the discussion we had the other time". Sandra responded "that is true but I thought you would not listen to me after Sonia told me about the wedding preparations ". " let's just say I later realized you were right so I decided to stay away". Sandra was so over joyed when she heard what Emmanuel said that she couldn't hold herself back and instantly went and hugged Emmanuel. Emmanuel didn't see that coming so he was surprised.
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Sonia was on her way going home when she decided to go check on Emmanuel again at his house, on her way going she spotted a car that looks like Emmanuel car to confirm her suspicion she decided to drive closer , when she went closer she saw him standing with a lady but couldn't make out the ladies face, so she decided to go confront Emmanuel with whoever he was shamelessly chatting with. she got there, she was shocked to see her friend Sandra as soon as she opened her mouth to speak Emmanuel just entered his car and drove off. She kept on starring at the fading light of Emmanuel car till she could not see him again. she then turned to her friend and said " Do u mind telling me what is going on here and why you were hugging and chatting with Emmanuel in the middle of the road? ".


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