the cyborg battle to go home
1 First: Survive
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the cyborg battle to go home
Author :vahen_thorn
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1 First: Survive

Run, he had to run and run fast to get to the escape pod before the hospital crumbled. He just woke up in a medbay with no one in sight and the place under attack.
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Not taking the time to ask himself how he got there or got his legs and arms back, he had stood up and started to run for the nearest exit. He hoped that it was a regular medical space station but with no proof he ran searching. First he had to survive then he could start asking questions to whoever would answer... There it was, finally an escape pod, jumping inside without taking the time to see if someone was already there and barely taking it to strap himself he punched the launch red button. With the acceleration throwing him to the back of his seat, he could only hope that those destroying the station wouldn't target the pod.

Once he was far enough, he stopped the reactors and all non survival systems. With only the front cam to see where he was and what was happening out there, he could finally start to ask himself:


Last thing he remembers was landing on Eridanus 4 to fight another wave of aliens not taking well human presence on the planet and then as usual blood, gunfire, scream, explosion. Until a plasma mortar took out his whole squad and his four limbs after that only pain followed by the darkness of being unconscious.

Ok, till there it made sense but now he had questions:

1 Is there another pod out there?

2when would rescue come if it come at all?

3 Where the hell am I?

4 How do I get back home?

5 Since when did limbs grown back? and how?

6 What about Eridanus?

And the list continued to grown when he heard another voice for the first time since waking up [ Cyborg command assistant activation. Please remain calm and seated during the full initialisation of the software. ]


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