the god of cells in league of legends
5 Islands of Shadow 02 The Awakening Of The God Of Cells.
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the god of cells in league of legends
Author :AvatarOFInfinite
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5 Islands of Shadow 02 The Awakening Of The God Of Cells.


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Tyler may feel something entering his body. But he can't say what it is because it's too fast.

An unknown heat begins to enter your soul!

And inside his mind he can feel something activating and changing as if he is constantly improving.

After that Tyler hears a mechanical voice again that says.




> Copy and Modify any Cell.

NOTE: to use this skill you need to be in contact with the object!

Which the User wishes to modify!

After this whirlwind of information everything is quiet as if nothing has happened.

Tyler is quiet trying to figure out where he is and how he got here.

Tyler waits for a few more minutes to make sure nothing more unexpected will happen.

After waiting and calming down and making sure nothing else is going to happen, Tyler slowly begins to understand what is happening.

(Tyler): Those memories in my mind so mean I got to my Destiny ??

A gigantic smile appears on Tyler's mouth and a feeling of freedom and happiness floods her heart.

With this SKILL I can simply make me an IMMORTAL.

I want this world to be very difficult! I don't want to devour a weak World with such a sinister skill.

I want to try new types of girls!

Especially those who are strong, I want to get them on their knees and make them beg me to fill their warm and fertile womb.

I have to take revenge for the former owner of my body.

His feelings of anger and revenge synchronized with my soul, I have to kill this damn woman.

but her body when it is not transformed is simply good too, she is very hot.

I'll give her a chance.

For maybe there is someone behind her, a mere mutant can't just turn Queen Spider's darling out of nowhere.

She may be hiding some valuable information in this new world.

How much Tyler is thinking about his mental bubble.

A tormenting pain hits his brain, knocking him out of the mental bubble on the spot.

(Tyler): I'm so happy, I forgot the state of my body.

With my skills I can cure any damage or disease this body has.

Tyler can see every cell every atom every amino acid in his body as if he has telescopic vision.

Within seconds Tyler can diagnose your body.

He realizes that he is poisoned and with four broken ribs, this is the worst punishment for a human.

The former owner of this body was left to die.

But now I do not care because with these skills I am practically immortal!

The only way to kill me is to knock me out instantly.

Because if you let me live I will come back and drink your blood in a cup.

Tyler with His years of study on the structure of the human body.

Within seconds Tyler directs the correct cells to the wound site and multiplies them infinitely until all of his body veins and bones are fully restored.

If anyone saw this speed of regeneration, they would surely call Tyler a monster.

All that remained now was to purify his blood from poison.

But this is not difficult either because this poison was made to kill very painfully and slowly.

Antibodies are produced by mature B lymphocytes (also called plasmocytes), which are a type of white blood cell present in our blood.

Within seconds Tyler begins to multiply the antibodies like crazy.

Soon Tyler's body is fully recovered.

If any doctor saw this scene they would commit suicide for sure.

After regenerating completely.

Tyler stands carefully to make no noise, not to draw attention.

Just then he hears a mechanical voice in his head.

(System): Warning!



(Tyler): what do you mean ????

You mean I can't use my ability infinitely ????

(System): Level up so you can use your skills longer!
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(Tyler): But this is a rip off!

Damn it!

I'll have to be more careful, I thought it would be easy to dominate this world but apparently it will be difficult.

From the memories of the former owner of this body.

You can understand that this archipelago is completely cursed!

And nobody knows why. And those who know have died thousands of years ago.

And to get out of this damn place I need a boat.

What can I do to level up?

If I can use my ability for a long time I can improve my body by making it strong.

Maybe if I turn my skin to iron or diamond I won't die on this island.

But this way I'll get too heavy to ride or stay in a boat.

Damn it!

The system had spoken before that it will create quests so that my adventures are more engaging.

So where are the quests ???

I need them now!

Just then Tyler hears a mechanical voice in his mind.









I THE SYSTEM NEVER GIVEN useless rewards to its users!


Just when I need it most!

But wait there!

The fuck!

How will I find this out soon ????

I am so weak that even the weakest specters can eat me alive at dinner. What the hell.

The way is to wait for my ability to come back.

Tyler calms down and sits down again only this time in a meditative position.


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If you don't give it a grade, it discourages me a lot.

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